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Firma DrabexCompany P.P.H. Janusz Wilczek DRABEX whereas the safety of users, their activity is based on the implementation of the 3 main objectives:

First high quality products and services, continued their improvement
Second widening of the offer in accordance with the needs of customers
3rd expansion of the machinery, the introduction of innovative technologies

P.P.H. DRABEX Janusz Wilczek is a private company, wholly Polish, without the participation of foreign capital, with single owner. The Company has a long tradition of craftsmanship. Production activities began in 1974, the production of consumer household products, mainly specializing in products made of aluminum. Systemic changes in Poland at the turn of 1989/90 allowed to start production in a wide range of production profiles and change to a more professional and technologically advanced. On the basis of existing experience and established in 1991, the company PPH Janusz Wilczek DRABEX specializing in still in the production of aluminum.

Many years of experience, modern machinery and specialized over 200 man crew gives us the ability to meet the highest requirements of the most demanding customer.

Currently, the company P.P.H. DRABEX Janusz Wilczek is a leading manufacturer of aluminum and steel, deal with:

- Aluminum ladders with a wide range, made from lightweight aluminum extrusions,
- Aluminum scaffolding,
- Aluminum stairs,
- Furniture.

- Laser treatment profiles, tubes and sheets,
- Bending wire,
- Processing of plastic profiles, pipes and sheets,
- Punching, bending,
- Welding and Welding,
- CNC Machining,
- Anodizing, chromate, aluminum electropolishing,
- Stainless steel electropolishing,
- Zinc alloy "zinc - nickel",
- Powder coating

The quality of the products and the fulfillment of safety certificates:

First ISO 9001 certification granted on February 27, 2002. Certification by the Office of the Polish Register of Shipping.

Second Certificate issued by TÜV Rheinland TÜV Rheinland Poland Sp. of o.o. 3rd Certificates B safety mark issued by the Polish Centre for Testing and Certification according to research conducted by the Institute of Mechanised Construction and Rock Mining.